Thai Consonants

12 Oct

The Thai alphabet consists of 44 consonants and are not easy to remember even for Thai people. The Thai Consonants song is a memory aid to help recite and learn them. This promotional music video was created to feature the music CD – Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1 Thailand Fever from Paiboon Publishing. Learn basic Thai from our Thai for Beginners.

Burmese & English Compact Dictionary

13 Jul

This practical Burmese-English, English-Burmese dictionary is designed to help English speakers communicate in Burmese, whether or not you can read the Burmese alphabet. All Burmese words are listed in both Burmese script and an easy-to-learn, English-like pronunciation system that fully expresses the Burmese sound, including the tones and everything else you need to speak and understand Burmese words correctly.

Unlike traditional dictionaries, there are three sections: you can look up an English word in the English section, look up a Burmese word you read using the Burmese Script section, or look up a Burmese word you hear by its sound in the unique Burmese Sound section.

Speak Like a Thai – Volume 5

24 Apr

Wherever you go in Thailand, you will meet people from the Northeast region (Isaan). This is the perfect phrase book for learning this dialect. The Northeastern dialect is almost the same as the Lao language so it can be used in Laos as well. This volume of Speak like a Thai contains 500 Isaan words and phrases which have been carefully chosen from real life situations. They are recorded on the audio CD and explained in the booklet with an English translation and a central Thai equivalent.