Burmese for Beginners App for Android

Available for Android Devices!

The best selling guide to learning beginning Burmese is now a Smartphone app. Learn to speak Burmese from Paiboon Publishing, the most trusted publisher in language learning materials.

This support page provides the key features of the app and provides links to a video presentation of the app and our Guide to Burmese Pronunciation.

  1. Video Presentation of the App
  2. Key Features
  3. Guide to Burmese Pronunciation
  4. FAQ for Android Devices
  5. Privacy Policy
  6. More Language Products

1) Video Presentation of Burmese App

2) Key Features

  • Works on all Android devices that support GooglePlay.
  • This app teaches you the language skills of speaking, listening and reading Burmese.
  • Hear a native Burmese person speaks each Burmese phrase.
  • Listen to a phrase over and over until you can say it correctly. Just click on it.
  • Paiboon’s system of transliteration shows you how the Burmese words are pronounced using Romanized letters to help you say the Burmese phrases correctly until you are able to read the Burmese script.
  • Test your ability to hear and understand Burmese with the built-in interactive exercises.
  • You’ll find many opportunities to practice your Burmese lessons on your mobile device.

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3) Audio Guide to Burmese Pronunciation

Listen to an audio presentation of our Guide to Burmese Pronunciation:

Click Here

4) FAQ for Android Devices

a) Download Expansion Pack – For Android users, once you download the app you will see a message asking if you want to “Download and install the expansion pack?” Android users need to install the expansion pack to receive all the audio files in the app.

b) Licensing Questions – If you have questions about Android licensing issues please visit our Talking? Thai-English Dictionary app FAQ section at our Paiboon – Word in the Hand website.

*Please note that only the Android Licensing FAQ items apply to the Burmese for Beginners App. All the other questions apply specifically to our Talking Thai – English Dictionary app.

5) Privacy Policy

Our Burmese for Beginners App for Android operating systems does not collect any of your personal information. We do not have access to any of your personal information and therefore cannot, and do not share it with any other entity. The only data that we store within the app are your scores in the exercises.

6) More Language Products

Please see our Facebook page for updates on our language products. And check out Our Products page for all our language products.

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