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Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1

Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1

Various Thai Artists

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Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1: is a unique innovative program to help you learn the Thai language as never before. It can be used alone or as a supplementary tool to our other Thai language learning materials. The music on the CD will get you excited and motivated to learn the Thai language. The booklet contains all the song lyrics with detailed explanations, song synopsis, and translation. The songs are entertaining with catchy tunes and witty play-on-word lyrics in the pop song style that are new and refreshing to dance and sing to. Each song teaches a specific aspect of the Thai language as well. An excellent resource for Thai learners of all levels and a must have for lovers of Thailand and the Thai language. Music videos of Thai Hit Song Vol. 1 available on DVD soon.

Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1 - Music Videos

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