Vietnamese for Beginners App for Android

The best guide to learning beginning Vietnamese is now an Android Smartphone app. Learn to speak Vietnamese from Paiboon Publishing, the most trusted name in language learning materials.

This support page provides an introduction to the app, demonstrates how it works, an explanation of the Vietnamese language and a link to our Guide to Pronunciation.

1) New Features in Version 2.0

  • Increase text size: small, medium or large
  • Autoplay an entire lesson of audio
  • Show or hide English text

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2) Introduction to the Vietnamese for Beginners App

Vietnamese for Beginners app is ideal for beginning Vietnamese students, or those who want to improve their basic Vietnamese. Teaches speaking, listening and reading Vietnamese with a native speaker with thousands of clearly recorded words and phrases.

Follows the format of the best selling book Vietnamese for Beginners book, which introduces vocabulary, sentences and an in-depth study of a specific subject in each lesson.

Provides examples of the tones in the Vietnamese language.

Every item is presented in the Vietnamese language and with a definition in English.

Play each phrase over and over, or autoplay an entire lesson.

Exercises: Test your knowledge with built-in exercises.

Increase size of text: no more squinting or reading glasses required.

For advanced study, turn off the English text to see only the Vietnamese.

After downloading it works without an Internet connection. No data charges.

Detailed HELP section within the app, and link to website support page with more explanations.

Learn Vietnamese from Paiboon Publishing, the leader in language learning materials.

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3) Key Features

  • This app teaches you the language skills of speaking, listening and reading Vietnamese.
  • Contains typical conversations in each lesson.
  • Turning off the English text makes it challenging even for intermediate learners.
  • Autoplay an entire lesson allows you to practice your drills of the spoken Vietnamese.

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4) Table of Contents

Pages 1 shows the ten lessons and the useful words and phrases and more conversations in the Appendix in the table of contents of the app.

Page 1

Page 2

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5) How it Works

Each lesson introduces new vocabulary, plus a list of sentences using all of the new vocabulary words. You listen to the native Vietnamese speaker pronounce each word or phrase until you can speak it correctly. Lessons specialize on particular items such as, days of the week, telling time, numbers, food, parts of the body, occupations, animals and more.

Lesson 5 Page

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6) How to Learn a Lesson

Step 1 – This example shows how to learn new Vietnamese words and phrases. When the application starts you will be presented with the Table of Contents screen as shown in Figure 1. We selected Lesson 1 from the Table of Contents. See Figure 2. You can choose to learn Vocabulary, Numbers or Sentences. Selecting the “Preview” button will allow you to learn new Vietnamese words and phases.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Step 2 – In our example we have selected the Preview button for “Vocabulary” as seen in Figure 3.

Step 3 – The list of items first shows the Vietnamese, then the English translation. Select the word or phrase you want to hear and the native Vietnamese speaker will pronounce it correctly for you. You can hear the item spoken over and over until you can say it correctly.

Step 4 – When you are done learning the Vocabulary section, use the back button on your cell phone to return to the main page for Lesson 1, as seen in Figure 4.

Figure 3

Figure 4

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7) How to Take the Exercises

Step 5 -To test yourself on any lesson, select the lesson you want take from the Table of Contents. In Figure 4 we have selected Lesson 1 and we will test our knowledge of the Vocabulary section.

We can choose to take an exercise with “Reading and Listening” where the word or phrase is spoken for us, or to make it harder we can select “Reading” only with no spoken word.

Step 6 – Figure 5 shows that we have selected the “Reading and Listening” exercise for Lesson 1 Vocabulary. Once you start the exercise you will be presented with one word or phrase with a multiple choice of answers. You need to select the correct response in the list of answers to proceed to the next item. In the upper right corner of the screen you will see what number you are on in the exercise. In Figure 5 we are on number 5 of 157 questions.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Step 7 – Click on the question to hear the Vietnamese word or phrase spoken. If you select a wrong answer the word will be spoken in Vietnamese and highlighted in red color, as seen in Figure 6. You progress through the exercises to the last item.

The app will keep track of your answers and provide you with your score when you have finished the entire lesson. Your score will remain showing until you retake the entire test over and score a different number.

If you don’t compete the entire exercise the app will show a pink circle on that exercise next to the “play” button in figure 4. The next time you start the app this will allow you to resume where you left off or restart the exercise.

The “Reading” only exercise works the same way, but there is no Vietnamese spoken voice. You must be able to read the Vietnamese to be able to select the correct answer.

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8) Vietnamese Language Differences from English

Here is a beginner’s list of Vietnamese language characteristics:

  • There is no conjugation of verbs.
  • There is no gender distinction and no pluralization.
  • Grammar follows a subject + verb + object sentence structure. e.g. “this is a watch” (Lit: “This is watch”).
  • The article “the” does not exist in Vietnamese.
  • Classifiers are used with nouns.
  • Vietnamese is a tonal language.
  • If the tone is not correct, you won’t be easily understood, even if your pronunciation is otherwise perfect.

Please download the free PDF of our Guide to Pronunciation which also contains information on the tones in spoken Vietnamese.

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9) Guide to Vietnamese Pronunciation

Paiboon Publishing’s Guide to Pronunciation can be downloaded in PDF format ( Download Here ). It explains the structure of the Vietnamese language, including the use of tones.

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10) Privacy Policy

Our Vietnamese for Beginners app for Android operating systems does not collect any of your personal information. We do not have access to any of your personal information and therefore cannot and do not share it with any other entity. The only data that we store within the app is your exercise scores.

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11) HELP Section

A detailed HELP section within the app explains the features to increase text size, turn English text on, or off and autoplay an entire lesson.

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12) Licensing FAQ

If you have questions about licensing issues please visit our Talking
Thai < > Eng Dictionary FAQ section at our Paiboon – Word in the Hand website.

*Please note that only the Licensing FAQ items apply to your Vietnamese for Beginners app. All the other questions apply specifically to our Talking Thai < > Eng Dictionary app.

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13) More Language Products

Please see our Facebook page for more language products.


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