Talking Thai-English-Thai Phrasebook App

Available for iOS devices!

Whether you are on a short trip to Thailand
or living there, communicate in Thai instantly!

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Key Features of the App

  • Search both ways Thai–English and English–Thai making it useful to both English and Thai speakers. 
  • Perfect for tourists, businesspeople and expats with over 12,000 words and phrases in more than 200 categories. 
  • Talks for you: clear sound recordings of a Thai native speaker for every Thai word and phrase.
  • Convenient and cost effective because it works without an internet connection and without any data charges.
  • When you are online, you or your Thai friend can even speak English or Thai words right into your device to search the phrasebook.
  • You don’t just pick from a limited number of phrases. Hundreds of “super phrases” let you customize phrases with the actual details you want in English, and then see and hear the complete phrase in Thai—a first in the industry. 
  • Built-in talking, translating currency and units converter gives you the advantage when shopping or traveling.
  • You can find words and phrases conveniently grouped into common categories, or type any English or Thai keyword and instantly see a list of all phrases containing that keyword.
  • No other phrasebook allows you to search by the sound of a Thai word like our app does, using our easy-to-understand Paiboon Publishing Thai pronunciation guide system or 11 other popular systems.
  • Thai characters always have a pronunciation guide to help you speak and recognize them. 
  • Make the text as big as you need to see clearly. Customize the keyboards and layout.
  • Favorites screen lets you organize your most-used phrases into multiple folders.
  • Convenient, familiar web-browser-like navigation makes it easy to go back in history.  
  • Buy with confidence as you enjoy free lifetime upgrades with expanded vocabulary and new app features.
  • A huge thanks to the many of you who are choosing to buy our new phrasebook app today to get the new content instantly and to support future development.  As we announced in 2014, we plan to add all the phrasebook content and features to the dictionary app in late 2015.

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