Asian Book Publishing Award

8 Aug

Benjawan Poomsan Becker and Paiboon Publishing’s best selling author has won the 2011 Asian Book Publishing Award (Video Here) for Best Book / Best Writer on Asian Socio-Economic or Media scene for her book “The Interpreter’s Journal.”

See a short video of the award presentation held in Bangkok, Thailand on 8 July 2011 –  Click Here

Press Release:

The Asian Publishing Convention held its 5th annual magazine and digital publishing event in Bangkok, Thailand the first week in July 2011. The Convention was hosted by The Magazine Association of Thailand and was attended by 248 delegates from 17 countries.

The convention culminated in a gala dinner where the 2011 Asian Publishing Awards were presented, celebrating Asia’s outstanding publishing practitioners.

The Asian Publishing Awards is Asia’s premier awards program that recognizes outstanding achievement in the development of successful business models using the tools and multimedia channels available. These apply to book, newspaper, newsletter and magazine publishers in the multimedia (print, mobile and online).

It incorporates the Asian Magazine Management Awards, Asian Book Publishing Awards, Asian Corporate Communications Awards and the Asian Fashion Photography Awards.

Paiboon Publishing’s book “The Interpreter’s Journal – Stories from a Thai and Lao Interpreter” by Benjawan Poomsan Becker was awarded the 2011 Asian Book Publishing Award for Best Book / Best Writer on Asian Socio-Economic or Media scene.

Thai for Beginners App released for iPad

7 Aug

Our popular Thai for Beginners app is now fully supported for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. We’ve updated our app to include support for all of Apple’s devices.

Designed to take advantage of the larger iPad screen size the Thai for Beginners app on iPad is a new experience and makes learning the Thai language even easier.

To buy the Thai for Beginners app – Click Here

Thai for Beginners App for iPhone

31 Jan

Paiboon Publishing’s new app makes it easy to study Thai wherever you go with your iPhone or iPod Touch. One of the most popular books for learning the Thai language is now available as an iPhone and iPod Touch app. Paiboon Publishing again sets the standard for learning the Thai language by bringing Thai for Beginners to the mobile platform.

If you enjoyed our book, you’ll love our Thai for Beginners app. More useful words and phrases are also added to this app.

The content is the same as our Thai for Beginners Software. We have converted it to the iPhone app for your convenience.

You can study Thai anytime on your iPhone. This app is even more helpful than the audio CDs that accompany the Thai for Beginners book that cost $20.00, because you can click on a word or sentence and hear it over and over. The interactive exercises make it fun to learn Thai.

Product Details: Click Here
Purchase Page: Click Here

New Talking Dictionary App for iPhone

9 Jan

New Talking Dictionary app for iPhoneWe have just released our new “Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary” for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Whether you’re on a short trip to Thailand or studying the Thai language in-depth, this is the one iOS dictionary you can really use. 100,000+ entries, crisp clear sounds for every Thai word, works without an internet connection and without any data charges, includes both pronunciation guides (12 different systems) and Thai Script with the Thai and English text as big as you want, includes a guide to speaking and writing Thai and other mind-blowing features for exploring the Thai language…nothing else even comes close!

Go directly to iTunes to buy it now from the Apple App Store:

Or, if your Apple device has access to the internet, purchase the app right on your device by touching “App Store” on your device’s home screen and searching for “Thai dictionary” You will find our app under “Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary” by “Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand.”

Visit the Word in the Hand website for full details here:

Windows Talking Dictionary 1.2 Update

9 Jan

Windows Talking Dictionary 1.2 UpdateWe have just released a major upgrade to version 1.2 of our Three-Way Thai-English, English-Thai Talking Software Dictionary for Microsoft Windows PCs.  This upgrade more than doubles the size of our dictionary, from 42,000 bold entries to more than 100,000 bold entries (from 53,000 translations to more than 134,000 translations).  Our application still delivers high-quality sound recordings of a native speaker for all Thai words and now includes more than 14 hours of studio-recorded sound!  This huge upgrade is just the next step in Paiboon Publishing’s multi-year dictionary production project: by buying the product now, you get access to free upgrades in the future, including more than 20,000 new entries coming in 2011.

Get all the details and buy now at our website:

Thai Language Materials Part 1 of 2

18 Aug

This is part one of two of our Thai Language Materials .  This video will guide you through all of our products to help you decide what might be best for you.  Our mission is to produce and publish high quality, user-friendly language books, audio and other learning materials that help people to communicate and make new friends. Our products are sold in bookstores throughout Thailand, through on-line and phone orders from our office in the US and our distributors in Europe. Our full product line is available and can be ordered on-line through this web site.

Book Launch Party

12 Jul

Paiboon Publishing’s Book Launch Party on May 2, 2010 at our branch in the U.S. for Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1 DVD, Speak Like a Thai Vol. 7 and Talking Thai-English Software Dictionary. There were live bands, Thai massage services, traditional Thai dance performance and lots of Thai food. Come and join us next time.

Bangkok’s Full Name

26 Nov

This is a promotional music video for the upcoming Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1 music video which will be available in February 2010 from Paiboon Publishing. Enjoy the full name of Bangkok performed by students of Prince Royal’s College, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai Abbreviations

14 Oct

Thai Abbreviations. Thai people often unconsciously use abbreviations in their speech and writing. This song introduces you to 35 abbreviated words from very common ones to more advanced ones. This promotional music video was created to feature the music CD – Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1. Thailand Fever from Paiboon Publishing.

Thailand Fever คลั่งไคล้เมืองไทย

12 Oct

Based on the book Thailand Fever by Paiboon Publishing, this song tells the story of someone longing to return to Thailand and learn more about Thai culture, the Thai language and to rejoin the friends and loved ones they met there. This promotional music video was created to feature the music CD – Thai Hit Songs Vol. 1.

Lyrics: In December one winter one day, I came to stay in Thailand the land of smiles. Great beach great food, I should be here for awhile. 6,000 miles I can fly back anytime. I saw that girl, a girl of great beauty. She smiled at me. Oh my, she is full of charm. Can you speak Thai? พูดไทยได้ไหมเธอถาม ผมเลยตอบตามคำถามว่า oh, yes, I can ตกลงเป็นแฟนของผมได้ไหมคนดี I know we’ll be so happy when we hold hands. จะเรียนภาษาไทย so I can understand แล้วผมจะแพลนมาแดนไทยอีกในปีหน้า Thailand Fever, I got Thailand Fever ผมคิดถึงเธอ หลงละเมออยู่ทุกครา I miss Thailand สุดแสนจะพรรณา It is not far ผมจะมาอีกในเร็ววัน